Answered: Robot manipulation at the start of the auto period

Please see the first 10 seconds of this video at the start the red driver unfolds the robot (look at the red square in the interaction zone). It looks like he releases latches and shakes the robot so it unfolds.

Is this type of manipulation of the robot legal?

Let’s take a look at the specific rule, <SG5> from the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Physically releasing a latch (i.e. pulling a pin, shaking the robot until the latch releases, etc.) is not legal as it would be considered to be changing the configuration of the robot. Activating a sensor which causes a latch to be released, would be legal.

I got a Private mail from the robot owner

So it looks like they are OK since they are using a limit switch to trigger the action.


You’re welcome! Another example of why we don’t issue blanket rulings based on video. There can be many things that the footage doesn’t make clear.