Answered: Robot problems D: HELP!!


My team and I have been building our robot for the new sack attack competition and we have been encountering problems driving our robot with the Remote Control All we want to know is how to fix it because we tried many things to then get the same results. When driven, some or all of the motors on the chasis stop. The robots original design had mecanum with 393 motors on speed mode. We changed the Mecanum to omniwheels to see if the friction was causing the situation, but the problem continued. We then checked all the motors, they were all fine, but we changed them anyway, no luck…we also checked if the R/C was making the problem, but We changed it and it was doing the same thing. We changed the Cortex, having the same results. What angers me is that the robot works fine with te online window on the computer. So, is there a way to fix this??? :confused:

I forgot to say that besides the motors stoping, they tend to shake torwards the direction it moves.


When the motors fail, how do you get them to respond again?
Do you have to power cycle the Cortex or do they recover automatically after a while?