Answered: Robot/Programming Skills Preload Clarification

On this Q&A (, you clarified the number of preloads each team can use during skills.

However, is it also legal to start out (for instance) as the “red alliance” robot to start out with the “blue alliance” preloads? The implication of this would be that at the start of skills, instead of having access to 32 balls due to adjacent preloads and skills loads, they would have an additional 4 preloads from the opposite color (36 total for high school, 40 total for Vex U).

In a Robot Skills Match, all Goals and Alliance Starting Tiles are considered to be the same
color for purposes of any rules or definitions.

Due to all goals and starting tiles are considered to be the same color. Due to a robot may use their 4 preloads

However, the definition of a preload is not limited by color in either robot skills or in the main game, simply if you have access to it

Additionally, <SG2> does not specify that a set of preloads is linked to a tile or color. Simply that they may use their four preloads.

Because of this, can you apply rule and rule to start on the “red” alliance tile and use the “blue” alliance preloads during skills, meaning that you can start with 32 balls off the field with 4 balls preloaded in high school, and 32 balls off the field and 8 balls preloaded in university?

No, this would not be legal.