Answered: Robot Size and Starting Position

Our robot fits in the 11 X 20 ringmaster inspection box with the claw facing the rail side,but it does not when the claw is facing the open field side. Does it have to start in that position (with claw facing the rail side, or can it start in any position as long as it fits meets the 11 X 20 area.

Let’s look at the specific verbiage of Rule <R4>, quoted here for reference and bolded for emphasis:

<R4> At the start of each Match, the Robot must satisfy the following constraints.

a. Only contact the Floor.
b. Fit within a 11” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position
c. Be no taller than 15””

…and the definition of Starting Position…

Starting Positions – The two designated 11” x 20” spots on the field where Robots must start the Match. Starting Positions are bounded by the inner edges of the long black lines, outer edge of the short black line and the top most outer edge of the field perimeter.

The Robot must begin within the confines of the Starting Position, meaning inside the short black line and inside the outer edge of the field perimeter. The Robot cannot be outside of this Starting Position, even if it is still within 11" x 20".