Answered: Robot Skills Challenge Drive Team

So, I was looking through the game manual and found this rule;

My question is, does this also apply to the robot skills challenge?

For example, 3116C has two drivers; Person A and Person B. It is agreed that Person A will drive during the competition, and then during the skills challenge they have a run each.

However, on the day of the competition it is discovered that the driver for 3116 cannot attend, so Person B steps in to drive their robot instead.

Is Person B still allowed to drive a Robot Skills Challenge run for 3116C, as long they are only in the drive team for 3116 for Practice, Qualification and Elimination Matches (the main competition)?

(This assumes that team 3116 does not take part in the Robot Skills Challenge)

Yes, this rule applies for the entirety of the Tournament. A Driver may not drive for one team in Skills and another team in the main tournament. Drivers may only drive for a single team at an event, regardless of the type of Match.