Answered: Robot Skills - Clarification

Appendix B (Robot Skills) states:

What is the definition of “entirely driver controlled”? Consider the following situations.

  1. I have a Programming Skills program that can score every tube with 10 seconds to spare. For Robot Skills I run that program, but add an addendum that gives the driver control at the end of the match so that i can go pick up a tube that may have fallen off or missed.

  2. I find out that situation 1 is illegal, so I decide to break it down into large chunks that are activated by the driver. (a “chunk” would be like [move to next position and pick up stack of tubes])

  3. The driver invokes all actions, but some actions are scripted (ie. when button 6U is pressed, the arm raises to the correct height and opens the clasp)

  4. An arm has a limited number of preset positions so that the driver does not have to align it to the proper height manually.

Which of these scenarios would be considered legal?

All 4 situations are considered to be legal.