Answered: Robot skills like driver control or auton in terms of <SG8>

The recent string of clarifications in this thread
(I didn’t want to post the rules because I believed reading the above thread is important for anyone that comes to look at this QA)

makes me curious as to the possession rules during driver skills. Would driver skills be ruled as a driver control period or would it be ruled similar to autonomous in how SG8 is interpreted. ie Is holding a bucky ball and making contact with 3 other buckies on the bump legal or illegal.

Most driver skills runs are preplanned routines but they also are prone to human error so I could see the ruling going either way.

Thanks in advance Karthik :smiley:

In the Robot Skills Challenge, possession will be ruled exactly how it is during the Driver Control Period of VEX Toss Up Matches.

Okay perfect thanks Karthik.

You’re welcome!

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