Answered: Robot Tipping

-If our robot is on the platform, can it block others getting on. As when robots are going up the ramp, they are very easy to tip over.
-Can we stop them getting on if they are heading up the ramp and we ar eon the foam surface. ie come up behind them and pull backwards/
-Can we be pushed off the ramp if we are on it.
-Can the whole ramp be moved as since it is not fixed down we could get under it drag it. Could it be lifted right out of the field hence preventing anyone from scoring.
-Could a robot be tiped off the platform by lifting one end of it.

Yes, you may block your opponents from getting on. There is no rule against blocking. Also refer to <SG5> which says that the rules on contact, ramming and tipping listed in <G9> do not apply when on the platform. In general contact and tipping will be more allowable on the platform, as the game designers understand the nature of the ramps (robots are more likely to flip, we don’t want to penalize teams who “fight” for the platform and flip their opponents.)

The rulings on these actions would be up to the head referee. <SG5> rules that robots should expect to encounter ramming and tipping during their interactions on the platform. I would imagine that head referees would give some leniency on the platform based on <SG5>.

The intent of the GDC is that robots be able to “fight” for the platform. However, the rules against destruction and damage of robots listed in <G9> are still in affect. Intentional damage is NEVER okay.