Answered: Robot tipping

I know it is illegal for robots to tip each other. My question is, under the ability to reposition a robot in the starting tile, could a team tip over their own robot by hand in the starting tile (slowly)?

If they are allowed to do this, would they also be allowed to stand it back up again if it were still touching the tile?

Let’s take a look at the VEX Gateway Game Manual:

The type of “tipping” you’ve described would be considered reorientation and would be legal during the Autonomous Period, provided no other rules were violated in the process.

Would it be legal during the driver control period?

Let’s head back to the VEX Gateway Game Manual and the specific rule, <SG6>, which discusses interaction with your robot during the Driver Controlled Period.

You are only allowed to handle your robot during the Driver Controlled Period if the robot has never left the Alliance Starting Tile and it was unable to move at the start of the Match. So lifting a robot which has fallen over is not permitted.

All right. Thank you for clearing this up!

You’re welcome!