Answered: Robot Touching Cube at base of skyrise


We are in a tournament and one of the teams had some cubes scored on the skyrise. At the end of the match they drove so that they were touching the bottom cube. The question came up whether the cubes above the bottom cube would be counted as scored. We looked through the rule book, but couldn’t find anything explicitly saying what is scored. Any clarification would be great.

We would also like to know if the ruling would be any different for skyrise sections.


Any Cube that is being touched at the end of the Match does not count as being Scored. This does not affect any Cubes that are above the one being touched.

Yes. A Skyrise Section is only built if it is fully nested in a Built Skyrise Section or a Skyrise Base. Any Skyrise Section which is touched does not count as Built. Thus, any Skyrise Section that’s in a Skyrise Section that’s being touched does not count as Built. So, if you touch a Skyrise Section, any Skyrise Section above it also does not count. This would also mean that any Cubes that are surrounding the now negated Skyrise Sections would not count as being Scored.

Thank your for the clarification!

You’re welcome!

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