Answered: robot touching cubes on built skyrise

I understand that if our robot is touching our built yellow skyrise section, that SR piece and AND SR above it are not scored; NOR are the cubes that are NOT fully through that SR piece.
How is the scoring done if our robot is NOT touching a SR piece, however is touching a cube on the SR? E.g. We have 5 SR sections and 5 cubes and our bot is touching the bottom cube. Are all the cubes descored? Or is the only descored item the cube the bot is actually touching? If the bot is touching the bottom cube and say the 3rd cube but not the 2nd or the 4th and 5th. Do we just descore the 1st and 3rd cubes but score 2,4,5?
Thank you for your help in this confusing situation.
See you in Lousiville next month.
Mark (Freezing code 9282)

Answered! on 2/7/15 forum question.

Thank you.

You’re welcome!