Answered: Robots not starting matches within size.

This may have been answered in a previous post, but what are some popular enforcement methods for teams who continually violate <R4> and attempt to start their matches larger than 18x18x18?

On a first violation, how much time is generally acceptable to adjust the robot before DQing a team and removing their bot from the arena?

If a team with a bot that can be within the specified dimensions continually fails to properly set up their robot multiple times, possibly to gain an advantage in autonomous, what is a reasonable penalty?

There was an issue at a previous tournament where teams were repeatedly setting up their robot improperly, and it was costing us a lot of time.

Referees should give teams ample opportunity to re-orient their Robot such that it would fit in the 18" cube. If they cannot do so in a timely manner, you will have to ask them to take their robot off the field and start the Match without them, in accordance with <G3>. This should not be considered a Disqualification or a No Show, since they did arrive to the field on time, but they cannot participate in the Match.

We cannot provide a blanket guideline for what would be considered a “timely manner”, as it depends on event cycle times, if the event is running behind schedule, etc. Head Referees should work with their Event Partner to establish how much leeway is acceptable. 30 seconds is probably fine; 5 minutes is probably excessive.

Repeated delays or a refusal to comply with <G3> could be considered a violation of <G1> at the referee’s discretion.