Answered: Robots tipping during match

With robots reaching much higher as compared to last seasons, it is inevitable that there will be robots tipping during the championship. During a scrimmage that my team had with other teams from our region, there were instances that the robot would tip while building the skyrise, falling towards the alliance station. Naturally, the student drive team members would try and catch the robot and prevent it from falling onto them.

I understand that the rules clearly states that we are not allowed to touch the robots during matches. However, in the case mentioned above, what would be the correct action to take? Do we let the robot fall onto us?

During the scrimmage, we decided on a temporary rule that we are allowed to return the robot onto the field (so as to prevent damage to it) but would be unable to move it around upon its return to the field. I would appreciate an official reply on this situation. :slight_smile: Thanks. (I apologise if this was answered previously)

This is covered in <G7>, which is quoted below for your convenience.

Thus you are allowed to touch a robot in an effort to protect yourself.