Answered: Rotation of Teams in an Elimination Series

, must play in the second match, with no exceptions. In the third and any subsequent matches, any two of the three teams may play. Prior to each Elimination Match, the
Alliance Captain must let the referee know which two teams will be playing in the upcoming match.

What defines an elimination series? Is this a round, meaning that the quarterfinal is its own series, and semifinal is its own series, and the final is its own series, or does an elimination series mean the playoff ladder as a whole?

I ask because at a tournament, we were told by refs that it meant the whole elimination ladder, so we only had to play our 3rd alliance partner in the 2nd match of the Quarterfinal, and then the Semifinals and Finals counted as “any subsequent matches,” meaning that we could play any two of our alliance’s teams in all of the Semis and Finals matches. Is this true?

An elimination series is a single best two out of three matchup. The quarterfinals, semifinals and finals are all separate series.

This is not true.