Answered: RP Points

What are RP points and how are they calculated?

Check out The VRC Elevation Game Manual - Section 3 - “The Tournament”.
Ranking Points, also known as RP’s are defined as follows

Basically if you beat a team 20 to 10, you get 10 Ranking Points for that match (your opponents lost the match so you get their score for your ranking points).

If you LOSE to a team 20 to 15, you get 15 Ranking Points for that match (in this case, you are the loser, and get your own score).

This section of the manual has a “Rankings” subsection which explains the ranking process in detail. The short version is, teams are first ranked based on their Qualification Points (QP’s) which is based on their win-loss-tie record. If there are several teams with the same QP’s (i.e. there are multiple teams with a record of 6-0-0) these teams are ranked based on their RP’s. After this, there are additional tie-breakers if needed… consult The Tournament section of the *Elevation *Game Manual.