Answered: Rubber washer example, for question about R7(c)

Hi Karthik,

I tried to respond to your request about the type of rubber washers but I couldn’t get that particular Q&A posting to provide me with a place to respond. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t respond, so forgive me for starting this other thread.

For reference, the original conversation is here:

To answer your question about my question, an example of the rubber washer we happened to be looking at is here:

But there is nothing special about that particular type of rubber, as far as I know. We could easily use other types of materials, if that were allowed. Also, the fact this is a “sealing” washer makes no difference to us, either. It just so happened to be the one they bought.

Thanks very much for your kind consideration regarding this.

You’re not doing anything wrong. Only GDC members and forum admins can respond to official Q&A threads.

Yes, these are legal.