Answered: Rule 15c, electrical repairs/mods to battery wires

Now that BEST is using Vex equipment, there is commonality of Cortex, joystick, extension wires, #29 mc, batteries and chargers that may be available to teams that participate in both VEX branded robotics contests and BEST branded robotics contests. Reuse of this commonality of equipment is good for many reasons, including that it helps make more types of Robotics programs available more times of the year, for less budget.

We have some 3000mAH Vex batteries from our BEST return kit we are able to keep for a few more weeks. It has been modified (per BEST standards) by cutting the battery wires and inserting Anderson Power Pole connectors on all 4 cut ends, and rejoining.
See typical example picture:

Can you provide a ruling for teams to show local contest inspectors,
which of these two rules should take precedence in this situation:
<R15a> no modification allowed, therefore REJECT at inspection
<R15c> situation is similar to “wires may be repaired using crimped connectors and covered with insulation”, therefore ALLOW at inspection

Would any additional action (such as covering the additional connectors with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing) help tilt the scale toward R15c?

The example you have given would not be legal and would be rejected at inspection on the basis of R15a.