Answered: Rule clarifacation R4c?

Today at an event our team was told they could not place a rubber band under a wheel that is attached to an anti-tip. They were told it violated the rules, but know one could tell them what rule. The person who made this ruling said a robot must be able to be picked up and moved without expanding outside the area 18 inch cube. They also stated the foam tiles are a field element and cannot be used to restrain a robot. the only rule that I found that comes close to this is R4c. We can redesign our robot, but would still like to know what rule is being used.

Let’s look at <R4>

Please note that both methods of sizing do not all the robot to be restrained in all directions EXCEPT in the direction of the flat surace/tiles. Thuswhat you have described would be legal. If we did not allow Robots to be restrained by the ground, it would become nearly impossible to inspect for size.