Answered: Rule G11 question

One of my students has come up with an interesting design idea for Ringmaster. So we opened up the rule book and tried to determine its legality. I personally hate getting all lawyer like with rules and such but I’d like to get this cleared up before the kids start trying to design and build around this idea. From what I have read it’s ok but I just want to make sure. I will preface this question with…I get it, <G2> When reading and applying the various rules in this document, please remember that common sense always applies in the VEX IQ Challenge.

Let’s start here:

<G11>Robots may not grasp, grapple, or attach to any Field Elements. Strategies with mechanisms that react against multiple sides of a Field Element in an effort to latch onto said Field Element are VEX IQ Challenge Ringmaster – Game Manual Copyright 2017, VEX Robotics Inc. 2017-04-12 prohibited.

So without giving too much of my student’s idea away, what if we had a mechanism which was activated when the robot contacted a single side/edge of a field element? Assuming all dimensional rules and the like are followed……Would this be legal?

​Thank you for clarifying.

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As long as you don’t grasp, grapple or attached to any field elements, what you’ve described appears to be legal.