Answered: rule G11 violation?

<G11> Strategies aimed solely at the destruction, damage, tipping over, or entanglement of robots are
not in the spirit of the VEX Competition and are not allowed. However, VEX Round Up is an interactive
game. Some incidental tipping, entanglement, and damage may occur as a part of normal game play. If
the tipping, entanglement, or damage is ruled to be intentional, the offending team may be disqualified
from that match. Repeated offenses could result in a team being disqualified from the remainder of the

If robot 1 rams and pushes robot 2 continuously until robot 2 is disabled because the 2 wire motor breakers were tripped, would this be a violation of rule G11. I would like to add that most probably the entire VEX community is aware that the 2 wire motors will be tripped with enough banging and pushing leaving a robot disabled for up to 10 seconds while they are resetting as well as reducing the robot’s performance afterward, thus making this intentional. These motors were not designed for the purpose of playing “rockem sockem” robots. They were designed for competing in a competition of skills challenges, which is what VEX is really about.

If the head referee determines that robot 1 is employing a strategy aimed solely at the destruction or damage of robot 2, <G11> would then be invoked. However, simple banging and pushing a robot rarely leads to tripping the internal breakers of the 2 wire motors.

Agreed! It would need to be an excessive amount and therefore appropriate to invoke G11.

Thanks Again!