Answered: Rule <G3>

I need some clarification of Rule <G3>: Each team shall include up to three Drive Team Members. No Drive Team Member may fulfill this role for more than one team at any given event.

I’ve spoken with a few teams/ mentors and this rule has been interpreted differently. It was explained to me that the drive team member cannot be on more than one team at the event they are participating in. So if a person is driving for team 1234 at Anywhere event that they cannot drive for team 5678 at the same event. The other interpretation that was explained to me was that the person driving for team 1234 cannot drive for any other team at any event.

Can anyone elaborate for me? What are the consequences for a violation of this rule?

This rule is event specific. No one individual can fulfill the role of Drive Team Member for more than one team at any given event. Thus if Jvirak drives for Team 1234 at event ABC, Jvirak cannot drive for 5678 at event ABC.

If a Team shows up for a Match with an ineligible Drive Team Member, the ineligible person will be asked to leave the Alliance Station before the Match can begin.