Answered: Rule R15aii clarification question about motor repair

Base on the rule twist or crimp connectors can be used to repair broken motor pin connectors,

ii. External wires on VEX electrical components may be repaired by soldering, using twist/crimp connectors, electrical tape or shrink tubing such that the original functionality / length is not modified in any way. Wire used in repairs must be identical to VEX wire. Teams may make these repairs at their own risk; incorrect wiring may have undesired results.

Is it acceptable to replace the pin connector with crimp bullet connector?

The original connector with broken pins was replaced on a 393 motor and the corresponding end of a two wire extension cable with crimp on bullet connectors. The original wire was not modified nor was the length changed, only the connector was replaced.

Are you using the bullet connector in lieu of a standard two pin connector?

Yes. The pins broke on the two pin connector and the repair replaced the two pin connector with two crimped on bullet connectors as shown in the picture.

This would not be legal. You’ll need to use the standard two pin connectors for any competition legal repairs.

Thank you for the ruling, I’m just not clear on the reasoning. Can you please share the reasoning so I can pass this explanation on to the team in question, I am sure they are going to ask why their crimp on connector is not valid and I would like to share the reason so they have time to correct the repair correctly or replace the motor before out next competition.

Thanks again for your assistance and quick responses.

Custom connectors are not permitted for a variety of reasons, the main one being we don’t want teams potentially gaining a competitive advantage from a hard to obtain part.