Answered: Rule SG8 in Programming Skills

Our autonomous program starts in the hanger zone with one preload in the robot and then drives forward to intake the two buckyballs under the hanger bar. We then do a 180 turn and drive over the bump to head toward the cylinder.

For programming skills we must place the 4 preloads on their appropriate alliance starting tile. In our case we try to place the middle zone preload in the corner of the starting tile to keep it as far away from robot as possible.

In one of the threads on herding Karthik mentioned:
“During the autonomous period, all interactions with objects in known locations are assumed to be intentional.”

So my questions are:

  1. If we accidentally bump the middle zone preload on the way to the cylinder with 3 buckyballs in our robot would this be cause for a DQ?

  2. Does the answer above change depending on whether the ball is hit with the front or back of the robot?

Yes, this would be a violation of <SG8> in the Programming Skills Challenge