Answered: Rule SG9

SG9’s intent seems to be to stop hoarding with either the intent to deny the other team point of with the intent of scoring a large number later in the match. However, the current letter of the rule limits the scoring of cones to carefully stacking them on the top of stacks one at a time.

It is the job of the competitors to work round whatever set of rules they are given, however this rule seems to restrict the possible designs and strategies far more than the stated intent, and rewording it could allow for more creative designs and strategies that still fall in line with the intent of the rule.

For example, allowing interaction with cones that are currently stacked would allow strategies other than carefully stacking on the top of a stack, such as lifting half of the cones from one stack and distributing them to another, or lifting a stack from the base to score a new cone at the bottom. The rules already leave room for teams to carry around scored cones, so opening the rule slightly to allow manipulation of already scored cones without violating possession limits would allow more ways to play the game without allowing hoarding.

Question: Will any modifications to this rule be considered, or is it exactly as restrictive as it is meant to be?

Yes, this rule is designed to be restrictive. Allowing Robots to Possess and Stack multiple Cones at a time would drastically change the game. Teams will be limited to Possession one Cone at a time as per <SG9>.