Answered: Rule T05- Safety Glasses

During a planning meeting last night for a Round Up VEX Competition, we had a discussion on the need to enforce the use of saftey glasses. There were differing views amoung the comittee, and refering to the VRC rules did not help.

The current rules state: “<T05> All team members, including coaches, must wear safety glasses or glasses with side shields while in the pit or alliance stations during matches. While in the pit area it is highly recommended that all team members wear safety glasses.”

Specifically, the issue for us is use of safety glasses (or glasses with side shields) in the Pit Area. Reading Rule T05, the first sentence states that they must be worn by coaches and team members while in the Pit Areas. The second sentence states that they are recommended in the Pit Area.

What is the VRC and RECF position on safety glasses in the pits? A clear rule and guidance would make enforcement much easier.

Safety glasses are recommended for the pit area but are not mandatory.

Karthik- Thank you for your reply.

Looking at your answer to my question along with your answer to AnotherRoboMom on the same topic, I have another question… What part of the environment at the field creates a requirement for safety glasses that does not also exist in the Pits? It seems to me that with cutting, bending, filing and team members working very close to the robots, sometimes while they are operating, the environment in the Pits justifies the need for safety glasses more than at the field.

In general a VRC tournament is a very safe place. You’re more likely to injure your eyes while driving a car or riding a bike. There probably isn’t a real need for safety glasses at any point during an event. However, with the high speed collisions that occur between robots on the field, we decided to make safety glasses mandatory in the alliance station.