Answered: Rule violations that allow disablement

For the VRC game Nothing but Net, when can disablement be used as a sanction on a team during a match? Besides the list below are there any other rule violations where the referees may use disablement? or do referees have disablement as a tool they can use their own judgement to apply to any rule violation as they see fit?

NBN Rules:
A penalty applied to a team for a rules violation. A team that is Disabled in a Match, is no longer allowed to operate its robot, and will be asked to place its controller on the ground.

If at any time the Robot operation or team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged the Field Elements or Scoring Objects, by the determination of the referees, the offending team may be Disabled and/or Disqualified.

<S1> b.
Teams may not make contact with the High Goal. Minor violations of this rule will result in a warning. Egregious offenses will result in a Disablement and/or Disqualification.

If a Robot goes completely out -of-bounds (outside the playing field), it will be Disabled for the remainder of the Match.

This list you provided are the only violations that can lead to a Disablement.