Answered: rules clarification

We have a team in our state that seems to continue to break the rules, could you clarify for me. At our home tournament we called them on using a non VEX battery and they argued but eventually relented, at another tournament in our state they did the same thing. Today this particular team hosted their own tournament and not only used a non VEX battery but also at the least used a VEX dongle that has been tampered with. It obviously wasn’t the same size and didn’t have the VEX logo on it. Since it was at their own tournament their inspectors and referee’s allowed it.

I don’t see a specific question in here, but I’ll try and address the issues you’ve presented.

  1. Non VEX batteries are strictly prohibited for use on a Robot
  2. If you feel a tournament host is allowing a specific team to violate rules, you should contact your RECF representative for your region.