Answered: Ruling on <SG4>

Given your most recent ruling on SG 4, it is clear we need to ignore the pictures associated with SG4 in the most recent version of the game manual. That begs the question are there any other parts of the game manual we need to ignore?

The pictures make sense with the actual wording of the rule, but just not with the answer on the official Q&A:

“<SG4> Each Alliance must introduce its Driver Control Load during the Match. The Driver Control Load must be entered into the field with between thirty seconds (0:30) and zero seconds (0:00) remaining in the Match. Driver Control Loads must be either gently placed on a Robot of your own color touching the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile or gently entered into the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile, by a Student Drive Team Member.”

It seems as though there is a clear distinction in the wording that the robot need only be touching the tile but the driver load (if not loaded onto a robot) needs to be “entered into the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile.” and since the pictures seem 100% consistent with that wording but your answer is a bit different than the picture and possibly inconsistent with the wording it has caused some confusion and now calls into question all other parts of the manual (or at least the pictures).

As stated in the previously reference Q&A and in the following Q&A’s, partially touching the Alliance Station Starting tile is enough to satisfy <SG4>

We’ll get the caption on that photo corrected shortly.

The caption has now been updated to match the rule. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.