Answered: Run 2 motors off one source

I would like to run two motors off one outlet on the signal splitter. I have read that this can be done. So I went looking for a (2 wire “y”) so I can purchase one. I have three questions.

  1. Where on the site can I find and order a 2 wire y splitter
  2. Can I modify the 3 wire y splitter to work for just 2 wires
  3. Are there any retail outlets in the Toronto Canada area where I could pick up parts rather than wait for delivery.



  1. Y Cable can be found here:

  2. Yes, you will need to cut off one of the wires. However be aware that the Signal Splitter only has 3-wire outputs, a 2-wire cable will not be compatible.
    Also be aware that the Signal Splitter was not designed to run two motors off one motor port.

  3. For a VEX Y-Cable, please call our Canadian Office and check if they have them in stock: [
    I don’t think they are carried by retail stores.
    We do not carry 2 wire Y-Cables. They may be carried by retail, but I’m not sure.


Thanks for the response Eli. I have found that I can use the 3 wire Y in 2 wire mode and I don’t have to cut off the third wire and pins. The Vex contacts are so compact that the third pin slips by the outside of the female contact without any interference. The two motors are running very nicely on testing from a direct source. The controls will be going in soon. Thanks again.