Answered: <S1> Clarification

Karthik, I’ve got a question regarding these videos you posted.

In the “General Safety” video, when Rich is hit in the head with a flying large ball (approximately 1:45 in), you make a comment that this should be a disqualification. However, this is not explicitly stated in the manual. Was this an off-hand comment, or meant to be taken as an official ruling? Would the disqualification occur only if a driver or coach is hit in the head or other vital area, or would even a large ball hitting their legs result in a disqualification? The implications when talking about Grappling Hooks says to me that any contact would be a disqualification, but I was just curious.

Let’s take a look at the VEX Toss Up Game Manual, specifically rule <S1>. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

Teams should not be launching balls at a high velocity outside of the field, especially that high. One, it’s poor strategy, two it’s rather unsafe. In that situation I would expect a referee to warn a team for a first offense, and potentially disqualify a team for a second offense.

That’s enough to be considered “unsafe?” Alright. I was just checking.

Thanks for the quick response.

You’re welcome.

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