Answered: Sacks in Floor Goal

I know that in order for a sack to be counted as scored it must only be touching the alliance tile, and if the sack is on top of another sack, it is not counted unless it is touching the alliance tile (got this from other thread). Does the sack have to be fully touching the floor goal or can it be on top of a sack but still touching the floor like it is partially on another sack and the side is hanging over.

Please make sure to review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting. Specifically items #1&3 in regards to searching the manual, and quoting the applicable rule/definition.

Let’s take a look at he applicable definition here, specifically Scored, Clause 2.

As long as the Scoring Object is touching a Floor Goal and not touching any other foam tiles, it will count as being scored; there are no restrictions against touching other Scoring Objects in the rules, thus it is irrelevant when determining if the object is scored.