Answered: School entering with multiple teams

Our robotics team has the philosophy “we are one team that hosts 5 robots.” For the online challenges, we are all working together on them, so should we submit each challenge 5 times under each one of our team names (536A, 536B, 536C, 536D, 536E) or submit one entry with the team name of 535* or something equivalent?

Thank you

PLEASE do not enter the same entry more than once. We will have to delete the duplicates and it will do nothing but cause trouble.

If the particular challenge requires a submission from a particular team, you should choose one team. Not all challenges are team-based, though, and you could just choose “536” or even a person’s name for the non-team challenges. If you win one of the challenges that includes an introduction to World Championship, that has to go to a single team, and is not transferable.

Feel free to mention in your submission that several teams were involved if you wish, but do NOT submit the same entry multiple times.

So if we qualify normally for world’s and I remember reading somewhere it says that you need to have submitted X online challenges to possibly get the excellence award. If we submit something under ‘536A’ but say 536B-E helped on it would that count as an entry for any 536 team that makes it to worlds?

That’s actually a World Championship question, not an Online Challenge question. You should ask that in the World Championship Q&A for an authoritative response.