Answered: Scored Note 3: Mobile Goal touching Zone and Scoring Object

EDIT: Since the initial post, questions #1 and #3 were reworded, and a 4th was added. A 5th was added (as #1) and then split into its own Q&A thread.

This thread describes a situation in which a Mobile Goal was touching the 10 Point Zone, but was also Supported by a Cone that was entirely in the 20 Point Zone. The following statement was said to be correct (emphasis mine):

I have four questions about these rules #4 may be redundant depending on the answer to #1]:
1. If a Goal is Supported by one or more Scoring Objects, but the Goal itself is also touching a Zone of a higher point value than the highest value Zone of the Supporting Scoring Objects, which Zone would this Goal be scored in?

For example, suppose one side of a tilted Goal is touching the ground in the 10 Point Zone, and the other side is Supported by a Scoring Object in the 5 Point Zone.
If the Supporting Scoring Object was removed, this Goal would no longer occupy the same position, but it would still touch the ground in the 10 Point Zone.

Which Zone would this Goal be Scored in? Based on the current rules, it seems to me that this Goal would only be Scored in the 5 Point Zone, even though this seems counter-intuitive.

Also, would the Goal still count in the 10 Point Zone if it was currently touching the 10 Point Zone but would no longer touch the 10 Point Zone if the Scoring Object was removed?

2. Is there a difference in meaning between “Supported” and “entirely Supported”, or are both phrases equivalent?
(I notice that one benefit of the inclusion of “entirely” is that it makes it easier for someone reading the definition of Scored to remember the definition of Supported, without needing to refer to another spot in the manual.)

3. Am I correct that when the “highest value Scoring Zone of the Supporting Scoring Objects” (Scored Note 3) is calculated, this is the highest value Zone among all Zones the Supporting Scoring Objects are in contact with, even if the contact is minimal?

4. [May be redundant.] Suppose a Goal is resting on the large pipe (part of the 10 Point Zone), but is also Supported by another Goal, with a taller Stack, that is in the 20 Point Zone. According to this Q&A answer:

Since the first Goal has fewer Stacked Cones, it counts for the 10 Point Zone as long as it is touching it.

Am I correct that based on this Q&A ruling, the Goal can be Scored in the 10 Point Zone, even if it is “entirely Supported by other Scoring Objects” and all of them are in the 20 Point Zone?

(I apologize if this question has already been answered.)

P.S. I apologize for not asking these questions until two days before the Game Manual is finalized. I also apologize for any confusion caused by my edits.

First - after review, the Q&A that you have linked has been updated to state that the Goal would be scored in the 10 Point Zone. Scored Note 3 begins with the stipulation that it only applies when a Mobile Goal is not touching a Zone. Any contact with a Zone takes precedence over any supporting Goals or Scoring Objects.

With this revision in mind, the questions in this post become a bit more clear.

The Goal would be scored in the Zone that it is touching, for the reason stated above.

This would be scored in the 10 Point Zone, regardless of where it would go when the Scoring Object is removed.

Yes, there is a difference. An object can be “Supported” by multiple objects, such as the floor, the field perimeter, a scoring object, etc. In Scored Note 3, “entirely Supported” refers to an object that is Supported by other Scoring Objects and nothing else (i.e. a Zone). This is why the answer to question 1 is the 10 Point Zone - it is not entirely Supported by other Scoring Objects.

Yes. Referees can use the “paper test”, i.e. sliding a piece of paper between the Scoring Object and the Zone, to determine if any contact has occurred.

Yes, this is correct. It would be Scored in the 10 Point Zone.