Answered: Scoring a star held by bot across fence

I did my best to search and study the rules, but I want to make sure I am right or wrong. I hosted a tournament recently and a robot was holding 2 stars in a claw across the fence in their own scoring zone. The stars were not touching anything but the robot and were above the low scoring zone. The ref scored it as 2 low scoring stars. Is this correct or does it have to touch the floor?

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored to see how this should be ruled. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

In the situation you’ve described, the two Stars are not touching any Zone, but were supported by a Robot. Thus, these Stars should be Scored in the Zone that the Robot was touching. Let’s say this Robot was on the red Alliance. These points would not be Scored for the red Alliance, but they would actually be scored for the blue Alliance, since the red Robot would be touching the blue Scoring Zone.

So keep in mind, if a Robot is supporting a Scoring Object and the Scoring Object is not touching a Zone, the Scoring Objects scores in the Zone the Robot is touching.