Answered: Scoring app confusion

So I was looking at the update to the manual app which added scoring capabilities and it doesn’t allow a team to score more than 7 skyrise pieces.

My understanding was that if the other alliance dropped a skyrise section you are allowed to pick up and score the sections. This would increase the total allowed skyrise pieces to 14 and the total allowed cubes scored on the skyrise to be 15.

Is this just so unlikely its not worth the space on the app or do I understand the rules incorrectly?

<SG9> Robots may not interfere with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections in any way. The
following actions are all illegal.
a) Contacting an opponent’s Autoloader and/or contents. (See Figure 22)
b) Contacting an opponent’s Skyrise Base and/or Skyrise. (See Figure 23)

You understand the rules correctly. This unlikely scenario was not included in the app to make it more functional within the given screen space.

Okay the space constraints make sense. Thanks :smiley:

This year the scoring app is so easy to use and well thought out. Would hate for that to become less so.

Thanks for the quick reply Karthik

You’re welcome! Also, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) on the scoring app, go ahead and leave it a review in the iTunes or Play Store!

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