Answered: Scoring from Isolation to Interaction

Hey, I was wondering if a robot could score from inside the isolation zone to the interaction 30" goal (when ISO gate is still down). Is that legal? Also, are robots allowed to break the isolation plane (e.g. throw objects over) or does that gate act as a wall? Thanks.

I’ve decided to change the order of your questions, to allow for a more succinct set of answers.

Let’s take a look at the rule which talks about crossing the Gate, from the VEX Gateway Game Manual, Rule <SG14>

So, from this rule we can see that breaking the plane of the new zone is legal, however intentionally touching down in the new is illegal. So throwing Scoring Objects over the wall would be a legal strategy.

This action on its own violates no rules, thus it would be legal. Please see above for the full details on the legality of crossing between zones when a Gate is still down.

Ok, thanks so much! I just have one more question. In isolation, during the autonomous period, is it legal to put objects into your robot (or put them on the starting tile and let the robot pickup)? I know it is legal in interaction, but my understanding is that match loads are not allowed in the isolation zone (only preloads), in any part of the match. Am i correct in this, or is it allowed? Thanks.

You are correct. All Match Loads must occur in the Interaction Zone. This is seen in <SG7>, quoted below for your convenience.