Answered: Scoring Object Deflected

I’ve searched for this answer but cannot find it having been asked/answered.
If the red team throws or dumps a star and it is deflected out of play by a blue robot. Technically it never makes contact with either zone. Would it be returned to the red teams zone or is contact with the opposing robot deemed indirect contact with the zone that robot is touching?

Thank you

We ask you to please thoroughly read the VEX Robotics Comeptition Starstruck Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum. Specifically, please quote the rule or definition that your question is referring to.

Let’s take a look at the <G9> from the VEX Robotics Comeptition Starstruck Game Manual. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis:

In the case you’ve described, the Robot that last contacted the Star was a blue Robot. Thus the Star would be returned to the Zone that the Blue Robot is contacting.