Answered: Scoring object supported by more than one robot or scoring object

If a scoring object is supported by more than one supporting robot or scoring object, and one of the supporting object or robot is touching the far zone and the other is touching the near zone, is the supported object scored in the far zone or the near zone?

For example, a cube is supported by a star that is touching the near zone and a robot with a wheel touching the far zone, is the cube scored in the far zone?

I was in a tournament where the judges said that the object is scored in the zone where the supporting object is carrying more of the weight. I believe that is a wrong interpretation and that the object should have been seen as touching multiple zones and therefore should be scored in the higher point value zone, in this case the far zone because one of the supporting object (a robot) was touching that zone.

Please clarify. Thanks in advance for your answer.

This is a correct interpretation. If a Scoring Object is touching multiple Zones (or supported by Robots/Scoring Objects in multiple Zones) it is Scored in the higher point value Zone. (Unless of course these Zones are on opposite sides of the Fence, then it would not be scored at all)