Answered: Scoring Question


We will be competing in a competition in the morning and we really need to know the answer to this question as this has already been questioned tonight during the skills challenge portion of the competition.

If a ball and/or barrel is placed on top of the 11.5" goal, so it is just sitting there on the rim, is that considered scored? For the definition of scored we did not see anything for this situation. There is another team that says it counts as scored. Is this true?

Can you please help us?

Thank you very much!!!

The second clause of the definition of Scored in the VEX Gateway Game Manual specifically handles this situation. I’ve quoted the rule below with some text bolded for emphasis.

In the situation you describe with a Scoring Object sitting on the rim of the Circular Goal, the Scoring Object would not be fully below the top of the PVC pipes of the Circular Goal and would be partially within the outer ring of the Circular Goal. Thus the Scoring Object would be considered Scored.