Answered: Scoring Software - Elevation Scoring

My apologies if this is a duplicate post. Read thru but didn’t see one.
I just sat down and did my first walkthru of the scoring software and was surprised that the match score entry was simply a tally… in essence, that the only value that gets entered into the system from the score sheets is the total score.
I expected to see a replica of the “auton scored, cubes scored, goals owned, Bonus Cube, Robots parked” form.
Admittedly the scoring is simpler this year than last so automated tally is less important but we’ve still lost the automated crosscheck on the arithmetic.
Am I missing something here? Is there a way to load an “Elevation score sheet” into the application (ok… perhaps wishful thinking on my part).

You aren’t missing anything. Currently the VRC Scoring System only takes a “final tally” of the match score. Perhaps in future versions we will integrate some sort of score calculator but for now you’ll need to calculate the score external from the scoring system.