Answered: Secondary Robot

Our team is headed to the Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championship and on it states that they will host both the Programming Skills Challenge and Robot Skills Challenge.

Do we have to specifically state that we have a primary and secondary robot during registration?

Also, is it legal for us to use the SECONDARY robot in both the Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenges?

(It really is a simple manner of reloading user code)

Or would the addition of sensors (they would be on the robot but would NOT BE UTILIZED) make the robot illegal for the Robot Skills Challenge?

Thanks in advance!

You will need to get BOTH robots inspected. Bring this to the attention of your inspector.

No, per <R1> from the Section 4 - “The Robot” of the Elevation Game Manual states the secondary robot may ONLY be used in the Programming Skills Challenge. Your Primary robot can be used in any of the three challenges, but your secondary robot can ONLY be used in the Programming Skills Challenge.

Good Luck in Hawaii!