Answered: Servo Range

Is it possible to change the angle of rotation of a servo in the basic Vex set?

Not sure exactly what you are asking. You can make the angle of rotation smaller by making limits in your code. You can change the starting position by change the mounting position.

Thanks for the comment. I will try to be more specific with the question.
I have the basic Vex set from a couple of years ago. I have a Vex Servomotor which according to the Inventor’s Guide page 3.2, “turns the axle to to face a specific direction within their range of motion (120 degrees).” I wish to reduce that arc to say 60 degrees. I have it geared down and not much room for additional gearing. I do not have the programming kit. Does the micro controller module have the ability to make that reduction in the range of motion of the servomotor? Thanks

Without the Programming Kit, you can not make changes to the Vex Micro Controller but you can change how the Vex Transmitter works. Try adjusting the “Scale” on the Vex Transmitter; see the Inventors Guide Appendix F – Transmitter Menus. The Scale can only be adjusted on channels 1 and 2. You can also try adjusting the End points.

Thanks again.