Answered: Servo rotation 100 or 180 degrees?

I’m using a Vex servo with another microcontroller and have noticed that when sending a 1ms…2ms high time over a period of 18ms that the servo rotates 100 degrees as advertised. But, when I go outside that range (~0.5ms…~2.4ms) the servo seems to rotate about 180 degrees just fine. Will rotating it 180 degrees hurt the servo?


It might. There are internal mechanical stops to prevent the Servo from turning to far. The stops could damage the internal gears.

The stops don’t kick in until a little after 180 degrees. It sounds like as long as I don’t ram the stops that it’s ok to make the servo turn farther then spec’d?

Correct. If you are not hitting the internal stops, you should be ok. If you do hit the stops you may also put the Servo in a stall condition which would cause it to overheat.