Answered: Servo stall torque

I have found the following in the FAQ:

The Vex Motor Stall Torque is approximately 6.5 inch*lbs.

All the other servos list the stall torque in oz/in. What would be the stall torque for VEX servos in oz/in?

Also what is the stall amperage?

Torque is measured in units of FORCE*DISTANCE, so oz/in is an incorrect term.

I googled “servo specs” and all the ones I came across are in oz-in which is the same as oz*in.

Using [ (one of my favorite websites), I show that 6.5 lbinch is the same as 104 ozin.

The original spec posted for the Vex servo was experimentally calculated. It is difficult to get a good measurement on this, because when the motor is stalled, it’s thermal protection kicks in and kills the motor. So your mileage may vary. If you experimentally determine a different number, we’d be happy if you share it on this forum.

I ask Ricky to post the motor stall current, asap.


For motor stall current, see Technical Info on the Motor web page.