Answered: Several questions involving Gateway

I had several odd questions involving the game, which I have thought of during assembly of our club’s field.

  1. (This is my main question) Can you roll a scoring object across the PVC tubes so that it were to roll across the gate dividing the 2 isolation zones and score in your opponents isolation zone gate? In theory it would roll across your robots arm and fall into the other gate without your robot crossing the tubes
    I put in an attachment with a example picture because i couldn’t figure out how to put it in the message (lol)

  2. Can you preload a doubler or negation barrel before autonomous in either zone?

  3. Is there any bonus for autonomous? I’ve read somewhere that you said about “bonus” points, and I wasn’t sure if you meant just scoring during autonomous to have less to do in driver control or if there is actual “bonus” points awarded to the team who scores the most in autonomous

  4. After the isolation gates have been lifted can you block off the isolation zone by placing a robot in front of the entrance to the gate and extending an arm to fully block the path?

  5. Can a ball or barrel be forcefully “pushed” through the PVC tubes on the goals or does it have to be “dropped” into the goal?

Thank you for your time! :smiley:
Vex pic.jpg

I have found that if you shove them through near the tops of the pipes it goes in with some push but without damaging the pipes, and also it eliminates the need to have a robot reach the 30 inch mark because you could shove the balls in at around 22-23 inches up on the goal.
Just expanding on it a little bit

Yes, this would be legal. Please note, your robot is allowed to break the plane of your opponent’s isolation zone. Your is considered to have entered a new zone until it touches the foam tiles in the new zone.

No, this would not be legal. As per the second bullet of <SG7>, quoted below, the Doubler and Negation Barrels may only be introduced in the last 30 seconds of the match.

There is no specific Autonomous Bonus this year.

Yes, this would be legal.

This would be a legal strategy if you can execute it without damaging the field and thereby violating <S1>.

You’re welcome!