Answered: <SG1> Clarification of Starting Tile Boundary

<SG1> Clarification of Starting Tile Boundary
At a recent tournament we had issues with consistent interpretation of SG1 and the boundaries of the alliance starting tile. All the figures in the official Skyrise rules and the CAD files show the foam tiles with straight sides. In reality they have sides with interlocking fingers .75 inches long. Figures 3 and 16-19 of the rules along with the CAD file dimensions and the drawing on page 7 of the Field Specs and Assembly document seem to indicate the starting tile boundaries are down the center of the interlocking fingers. Specifically, it shows one boundary line that runs between the center of the Skyrise and the Autoloader which places the boundary centered on the interlocking tile fingers.

We would like to index our robot on this edge of the starting tile and as close to the boundary as possible. If we follow the boundary in the figures and CAD, we are sitting on ½ of the gray fingers and ½ the red or blue fingers. (The Head Ref at the tournament looked at the figures and OK’d this starting position. However it was not communicated to a couple refs and rather than cause commotion, I instructed the drive team to explain the situation and go with whatever they decided. This ended up killing us in the finals.)

Question: Where is the official boundary for the starting tile? Is it completely on the colored tile, down the center of the fingers (half on the fingers) as the documents show, or something else?


<SG1> requires that you be touching the Alliance Starting Tile. Thus the boundaries of the Alliance Starting Tile are the physical edges of the tile. You cannot be touching any other foam field tiles.