Answered: <SG11> grasping / grappling on a built Skyrise

There have been two Q+A threads on this issue:

1 May, FullMetalMentor: Answered: <SG11> Attaching to Skyrise sections…

9 September, TOSS_BOSSES: Answered: Driving up a Skyrise Tower

A built skyrise is not classified as a Field Element under the definition. Since these two previous Q+A threads seem to be saying different things, could you please give some clarification on whether grasping/grappling a Skyrise is a violation of <SG11> or not?

Thanks Karthik.

Attaching to a Skyrise is expected to happen during the natural Building process of Skyrises. (e.g. Being clamped onto a Skyrise Section that has just been inserted into a Skyrise or Skyrise Base) However if at some point this attachment leads to a serious risk of field damage, it would become a violation of <S1>.