Answered: SG14 vs. Inspection Checklist

In this post, a participant asked this question about SG14:

The GDC responded:

The Inspection Checklist reads (emphasis added):

I cannot reconcile the Robot Inspection Checklist with the ruling above. Inspectors are likely to fail robots that can expand beyond 36 inches. Perhaps the Robot Inspection Checklist needs to be updated?

The Robot Inspection Checklist is intended to be a reference material for inspectors. The brief statements included on the checklist do not take precedence over the official Game Manual (or, by extension, the Q&A). This is why the applicable rules for each line item are included on the checklist, in the event of a dispute or if more information is needed.

That said - we can see how, in this case, the checklist could be misinterpreted or misleading. So, the Robot Inspection Checklist has been updated to state the following, with some bolding to emphasize the rewritten portion: