Answered: <SG2> Argument

<SG2> Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot may use their four (4) Balls available as Preloads. A Ball is considered to be legally preloaded if it is touching the Robot, not touching any other grey foam tiles, and is fully within the field perimeter. (See figures 8 & 9) Any unused Preloads become Driver Control Loads.

I went to a competition today and had a dispute about the rules for autonomous preloads.
One side of the argument was that a team could choose to use zero, one, two, three, or four preloads. If the team decided not to use all four, then the remaining balls would become driver control loads.
The other side of the argument was that a team had no choice but to use all four available preloads. The sentence about unused preloads was referring to no-show teams.

After bringing it up to the referees, I found this post that seems to support the first argument.

So what I want to know is: In a normal match with four teams and zero no-shows, does each team have to use all four available preloads? Can a team opt to use some preloads, but not all?

Yes, there is no requirement that a Robot use any or all of their Preloads.