Answered: <SG2> Preloads, <SG6> Handling Robots, and Field Wall Contact

Based on the two following rules (emphasis mine):

I had two questions about the following video:

At the start of the match, was the preloading legal (two balls)? Also, at 0:44, was lifting the robot legal?

I don’t mean to detract from 3086 at all; they built a fantastic robot especially considering how early it is in the season. I wasn’t at the event and am a bit confused by the ref calls there.

Also, based on <SG6>, if your robot returned to your starting tile in autonomous, and started there at the beginning of teleoperated mode, would you be able to touch your robot?

Finally, is a robot legally allowed to latch on to the playing field perimeter?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, a robot may only use a maximum of 1 Barrel and 1 Ball as Preloads, as per <SG2> which you quoted above.

No, the only contact with robots permitted during the Driver Controlled Period is for robots which have never left the Alliance Starting Tile, for the fixing of robots which are unable to move. This is spelled out in <SG6> which you quoted above.

No, <SG6> specifically applies to robots which never left the Alliance Starting Tile.

No, this would be considered both unsafe and a risk of damaging the field, thus a violation of <S1>, which is quoted below.